Sally Bra Fred Briefs

Truly stunning- Lingerie from Hopeless Hotel! For all you Betty Paige and Dita Von Teese Lovers out there-this is the Designer for you!


New Love: Maise



All I can say is I am in love with Maise…not much more!






Lover Dress Performance Collection

Lover Dress Performance Collection


Black and White snap shot of my mother

Black and White snap shot of my mother













Here is an old snap shot of my mother I found. Just love the high necked dress she is wearing and reminded me of the amazing Lover lace dress from the Performance collection! I was first drawn to Lover many years ago before the duo brought out their infamous Black Magick Collection. It was during a visit to my local clothing store that I stumbled across the most amazing cute pink coat teamed with large red or black buttons. The coat was from one of Lovers first collections and there was something deliciously quirky and Mini mouse about the design that made me fall in love with the label! I know that sounds like an odd description but it really had that feel to me!

My love affair contiuned when the iconic Black Magick collection came out. I often wonder if the Lover duo Susein Chong and Nic Briand are sick to pieces of that collection (and whether they still get a million requests to make it!) I was lucky to be one of the first who developed a fondness for the french lace dresses, tunics and ruffle dresses as years later on I was offered double and triple the prices I paid for all the items and still have people hound me to sell it to them!

I know I harp on about stories but I personally believe it is the stories behind each Lover collection which made the Label as popular as it is today (There is a cult following just look at any fashion forum and you will see what I mean!). With each collection came a Lookbook with references to music, art and culture whether it be the Picnic at Hanging Rock or Nirvana… Each collections seems to ring a chord with different personas we seem to adopt thoroughout years…the shy school girl….’grunge’ music fan….the romantic Flower child…. And it is through these stories and connections that will continue to make it one of the most amazing Australian Labels ever created!

Love a sale!

Pretty Tribal Vest Beginnings Boutique

Pretty Tribal Vest Beginning Boutique


Don’t you just love a sale! Isn’t it funny how items purchased on sale always seems to have an amazing story to go along with it eg the YSL shoes I scored from Colette Paris as mentioned in a previous post or the amazing vintage YSL bag in mint condition won on Ebay for under $100!

Currently Beginning Boutique is having a special $50 sale (selected items)! This online store stocks some of Australia’s most celebrated emerging designers such as Sara Philips, Gary Bigeni and Nicholas X Morely to name a few. Definitely worth a look…and after today looks like there might be a few more fashion stories to share.

plain logo

Lovely Liss's Blog  Lovely Lissy’s Blog

Another delicious new find… Lovely Lissy’s Blog. I love her mix of fashion and cute quirky photography. Funny- travelling the world so many have said that the people in Paris, London and Milan have such amazing style and dress sense. I did find this to be true however I really believe Australians are becoming leaders in the pack too! Infact when recently overseas, I received so many comments about the Australian designers I wore. In Italy my husband even noticed that whilst wearing my Saba coat so many women were pointing to it! One even asked me where in Milan did I get it from…

Lissy’s blog really emulates everything I am pushing the My Style Australia website to be: a large influence of Australian fashion mixed with some stella international labels!

Another blog I am currently following is Swap til you drop! It is great to see fashion get behind important causes!

Daydreamlily Blog  Daydreamlily Blog


There are so many inspirational blogs! On the website I am creating I hope to profile Australian Blogs and invite Bloggers to post on the website. By no means am I a journalist I just love pretty things and as mentioned I am an eternal ‘fashion’ dreamer!

One very ‘pretty’ thing is the Daydreamlily blog by Liss Winnel. Her dreamy photography is nothing short of divine…Her knowledge of Art and Culture is also amazing. we are very lucky to have some guest ‘Daydreamlily’ posts lined up on the website.

Liss has also been a great source of inspiration in getting My Style Australia up and running! I have sent so many self doubting ‘I am not a Journalist-how can I set up a style website’ email to Liss- She has always sent back many supportive emails and really has been the positive force I have needed. It is due to Liss and all the excitement that has been building on Twitter and other social networks that has convinced me to go ahead and get on with launching My Style AUS

…because who knows what happens and sometimes you just have to get your sparkly new ‘Marc Jacobs’ heels a little dirty…take them out of the new box and go for a little walk (or a big one)

Hair By Todd Arndt Vogue Nationale

Hair by Todd Arndt Vogue Nationanle Photography Israel Rivera

Yes I am a little Biased (Todd is my husband this is his shoot he styled the hair) but these shots to me are pure beauty. Photographed by Israel Rivera this is the latest collection from Vogue Nationale. There is an etheral Kate Bush feel with the first shot with a certain ‘rawness’ about it!

I am very luck to have a husband like Todd as not only have I been able to indulge in fashion and buy one too many Lover outfits (as he is in the industry being a regular hair director at fashion week) but he is also a source of inspiration (just look at the shoot!). 

Recently Todd directed the hair for TV, Sara Philips and Madga Velveska at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week see below for shots!!! (All our friends have commented that with 2 parents inspired by fashion:our baby boy will grow up to be a fashion designer…well I must admit I love these comments as I would just love having a Son say with similar to the genius Karl Lagerfeld design clothes for me when I am 50!!!!!


Hair by Todd Arndt Vogue Nationanle Photography Israel Rivera

Hair by Todd Arndt Vogue Nationanle Photography Israel Rivera



Todd Arndt Directing hair @ Sara Philips RAFW 2009/2010

Todd Arndt Directing hair @ TV RAFW 2009/2010

My Style



Vintage buy from Ramona West Vintage

Vintage buy from Ramona West Vintage



Okay so about MY STYLE! My Style is a mix…Somedays vintage somedays very independent and then I have a classic moment. Dress up jeans with Louboutins and a tailored sharp tuxedo jacket or dress them down with a pair of white Cons my style depends on the mood I am in. Also I am now more than ever inspired by fashion I see on the street. At first it was a particular designer lookbook or images that inspired my style! But now I am drawn more and more to the youth coming through with their fresh looks!

My wardrobe to me is a treasure box of collected items from overseas trips to finds at an exclusive local boutique or even Vintage on Ebay. Each piece of clothing has a special memory or even has a story behind the aquisition of it. Funny how silly I become acting like a Currator adding each piece carefully to my wardrobe and then finding myself staring at it like pieces of art! And also what about every girls obsession with shoes!!!! My name is Jennifer and I am a Louboutinaholic actually an YSLaholic actually lets just say a fine shoe addict!

So here are a few shots to give you more of an idea of my style! What is your style feel leave a comment I just adore them! JENxxxxxxx



A few treasures

A few treasures

YSL shoes from Colette Paris

Sophie Kyron Necklace

Bjork Vespertine Soundtrack to my life

Chanel Rouge Lipstick Candy to every girl

Annick Goutal beautiful fragrance


Lace Lover

Lace Lover


Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Getty Images

Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Getty Images

My Style Australia is a new website dedicated to AUSTRALIAN fashion, art and culture. I have always been inspired by fashion so much so I have spent all I have earned on fashion and magazines. I will literally be the old women who will lives in a house made of fashion magazines and held up by shoes-albeit Louboutins, Marc Jacobs and Manolos…

Anyway after collecting one too many pairs of shoes, I decided to take the plunge and set up a website dedicated to my passion. After researching the internet I found that there was little in the way of online magazines/blogzines dedicated purely to Australian fashion so therefore began my journey of creating MY STYLE AUSTRALIA.

My aim is to work with Australian designers, online boutiques, bloggers and artists and at the same time provide an outlet/creative space for the everyday Stylistas who would love to contribute on our forum. I have an obsession with Bloggers and the stylish individuals you see on the street… think Lookbooknu and Street Peeper and want the website to be a public style space/network. I also want to create a website which has a sleek minimal independent feel as Nylon, Russh, Dazed and Confused, ID are my inspirations…

So far the support has been over whelming with more and more people enquiring about the site… Therefore I have decided to set up this blog to let everyone follow us as we get the site developed!!!!!

So please bookmark this blog and post a comment or two to let me know your thoughts and ideas about the soon to be MY STYLE AUSTRALIA

Or send an email

Jennifer Creator My Style Australia (the eternal dreamer of all things fashion) xxxx