So many Inspirational AUS Blogs

Daydreamlily Blog  Daydreamlily Blog


There are so many inspirational blogs! On the website I am creating I hope to profile Australian Blogs and invite Bloggers to post on the website. By no means am I a journalist I just love pretty things and as mentioned I am an eternal ‘fashion’ dreamer!

One very ‘pretty’ thing is the Daydreamlily blog by Liss Winnel. Her dreamy photography is nothing short of divine…Her knowledge of Art and Culture is also amazing. we are very lucky to have some guest ‘Daydreamlily’ posts lined up on the website.

Liss has also been a great source of inspiration in getting My Style Australia up and running! I have sent so many self doubting ‘I am not a Journalist-how can I set up a style website’ email to Liss- She has always sent back many supportive emails and really has been the positive force I have needed. It is due to Liss and all the excitement that has been building on Twitter and other social networks that has convinced me to go ahead and get on with launching My Style AUS

…because who knows what happens and sometimes you just have to get your sparkly new ‘Marc Jacobs’ heels a little dirty…take them out of the new box and go for a little walk (or a big one)


6 Responses to “So many Inspirational AUS Blogs”

  1. Yes yes, she is an amazing amazing lady who fills my every day with glorious things of whimsical beauty.

    Good to see you guys have a blog, or did you always have a blog? I don’t know what I’m saying.


    • Thank you for the lovely comments! This is the first blog for My Style Australia- we wanted to let everyone know more about what the website will be like as well as the process behind putting it together!

  2. daydreamlily is a lovely blog!
    so many dreamy photos. and there are quite a few australian bloggers out there, me being one of them also =]
    great job on the blog so far.

  3. yaaaaayyyy! daydreamlilly is fan fan fan fannnntastic!!
    xx 🙂

  4. all you really need to is blog about the fashion, style and beauty you are passionate about…and your individual light will shine through x Daydream Lily is very beautiful, agreed, but also looking forward to reading mystyleaus in 2010 xx vanessa xx

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