Ministylista New Page dedicated to AUS KIDS Style

DSC01407  As a new mother of a 9 month old it would seem ridiculous not to dedicate a section to Childrenswear. It is funny how so much changes in your life when you have a baby…The Vogues once stacked high now equally matched if not higher with My Child Magazines….Organising the best restaurants for Dinner low on the list compared to booking your baby into the best ‘playgroups’!

Also funny how your once prized wardrobe has nowhere near the meaning it used to! I seem to get so much more joy buying the latest ‘Munster’ T’shirt for my son than buying a pair of shoes for myself. Now anyone who knows me well would gasp! Once a girl who wouldn’t even blink when purchasing the latest $600 dress from Karen Walker or Lover…now finding it hard to buy a $100 dress on sale! 

Just seem to have so much fun buying Kids clothing…now if only they made those cute smocks in adults sizes!!!!




3 Responses to “Ministylista New Page dedicated to AUS KIDS Style”

  1. Hey Jennifer, I was reading your post thinking that’s me she is talking about! My son Jett is only 6 months old and he is already close to having as many shoes as I do…think Vans instead of Jimmy Choo though! I get so much enjoyment out of dressing him up! Great to see things are coming along with your site…Good Luck, I know you’ll do fab! Di xx

  2. 3 Angela See Angela Blog

    I would just LOVE to do a line kid’s wear. Because my mum dressed me like a little andro-boy 😦 it’s probably why I’m obsessed frills and laces now.

    BTW just drop me a tweet or something if you do a feature on Tender Vuillermin.


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