My Style



Vintage buy from Ramona West Vintage

Vintage buy from Ramona West Vintage



Okay so about MY STYLE! My Style is a mix…Somedays vintage somedays very independent and then I have a classic moment. Dress up jeans with Louboutins and a tailored sharp tuxedo jacket or dress them down with a pair of white Cons my style depends on the mood I am in. Also I am now more than ever inspired by fashion I see on the street. At first it was a particular designer lookbook or images that inspired my style! But now I am drawn more and more to the youth coming through with their fresh looks!

My wardrobe to me is a treasure box of collected items from overseas trips to finds at an exclusive local boutique or even Vintage on Ebay. Each piece of clothing has a special memory or even has a story behind the aquisition of it. Funny how silly I become acting like a Currator adding each piece carefully to my wardrobe and then finding myself staring at it like pieces of art! And also what about every girls obsession with shoes!!!! My name is Jennifer and I am a Louboutinaholic actually an YSLaholic actually lets just say a fine shoe addict!

So here are a few shots to give you more of an idea of my style! What is your style feel leave a comment I just adore them! JENxxxxxxx



A few treasures

A few treasures

YSL shoes from Colette Paris

Sophie Kyron Necklace

Bjork Vespertine Soundtrack to my life

Chanel Rouge Lipstick Candy to every girl

Annick Goutal beautiful fragrance


Lace Lover

Lace Lover


5 Responses to “My Style”

  1. 1 Angela See Angela Blog

    I just love buying lux items (by that I mean anything that is wrapped in tissue paper), unwrapping it and hanging or putting in in it’s own box.

    It’s such a devine experience!

    My style, it’s feminine and a bit mature for my age I guess. I so very rarely dress like a 15 year old.
    I love my high waisted skirts, blouses and heels (32 and counting!). But mostly during the week, I’m in school uniform.


    PS. I love those YSLs.

    • 32 heel Angela WOW! And there is a story behind those YSL. When I was last in Paris I went to the Colette store for the very first time and there was hundreds of people going crazy! I couldn’t work out what was going on so in my broken french I asked an assistant and found out there was a 50% off sale off everything for one day only. And I saw those YSL (just one size left) which were currently new stock in all the Paris Department stores. I saw the size which was usually a size too small but thought I would try them anyway and like Cindarella and the glass slipper they fit!!!!! So they are my most ultimate purchase and seem to go with everything!!!! But can you believe my luck the one day I turn up at them most fabulous store in the world it is has the biggest sale on (people were seriously fainting they were so excited)

  2. 3 Angela See Angela Blog

    ^ aww that’s awesome. I love unexpected sales!


  3. 4 liz

    i love the dress.. and sooo envying your YSL heels! its magical! don’t you just love unexpected sales?? 🙂
    my style is.. i dont know, still searching for a definition. but most of the time i wear simple-good cut-and neat clothes that makes me look almost like a boring businesswoman with a bit of twist 😉

    • Ha thank you for the comment!!!! I will also check your blog out too!!! YOu know you can’t go past classic style there is nothing more I love then say teaming a well tailored jacket with jeans (and sometimes mixing it up with a pair of white Cons)!!!! Classic style is definitely one to stay for many years!!

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